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We finished dinner and headed up to the executive lounge so I could got some free drinks.  Ironically this was my first wine in Europe.  It was alright.  I'm not adverse to wine but I don't order it normally.  I sat down and a couple of young 20-somethings chatted with me.  I was afraid they'd be boring and I'd be stuck with them, but luckily they were run of the mill backpackers from Chicago.  Brothers that travelled to Munich, Amsterdam, London and ending their trip in Paris.  We exchanged stories and Paris travel tips.  It seems Nita's french is a great shield from Paris's notoriously rude service as we have been treated rather well (except for getting our cheque after eating which I think is cultural).  Nita and I rested upstairs in preparations for our night romp to the Arc again for night shots.

Thanks tour bus...

When we arrived at the Arc, the ticket booth to walk up was closed.  We took it as a sign since the Arc was very tall and we didn't want to climb the stairs.  We stopped for some petit McBaguettes at McD's and Quentin was right, they are called Royal's with cheese.  After night shots and taking in the night scene, we metro'd back for an early start tomorrow morning...

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