Cedrick Lui

The personal website of Cedrick Lui, used to promote and present his projects as well as act as a blog.

Comic and Art Projects

Son of God

This is a one-shot comic book that was released back in 2014.  The art was done by the amazing C.H. Kim with writing by myself.  The book was self published and was available in print and digital.  Click for previews and to find out more.

Grid Drawings

Some drawings I did using the grid method.  It's pretty obvious but I might as well be repetitive.  I DID NOT DRAW THE ORIGINALS.  This was more of an art exercise and allowed me to try out some inking and colouring.  Click to see how they turned out and a bit of the process.

Potion Master

This is a portfolio piece that I did with the up-and-coming local artist James Love.  It's currently unfinished and needs some colour and my speech bubbles.  As it stands, we are not planning on fleshing the story out beyond this 10-page story, but who knows what the future holds?  Click to see some of the inked pages.

Pixel Beads

These are some crafts I did using Perler Beads to create some pixel art. I originally thought to do some art from some SNES games but ended up making my own pixel art so I could gift it to my wife. Click if you want to learn about the process so you can start making your own pixel bead art.


As I was building this site, I was also working on getting a logo set up. It was kind of a spur of the moment decision, but I worked pretty hard at it considering I went in with pretty much zero photoshopping skills. Click to read up on how and why I did it with some pictures showing the process.

Background images by C. H. Kim. All images are © Cedrick Lui unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.