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Son of God

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The story follows the character Armand who sees the darker side of his city that people ignore every day. He sets out on a mission to cleanse the world of these sins but his past catches up to him and realities bleed together. Will Armand succeed in his mission? or will he let his inner demons get the better of him?


This comic was a collaboration between my amazing artist C.H. Kim and myself.  It's the first time I've taken the comic writing seriously, and of course this meant it's the first comic script that I've fully realized to production.  The idea came to me while I was walking through my neighbourhood thinking of new ideas to match Kim's surreal and intricate art style.  I found myself looking at the things around me like trees and benches a little differently.  I wanted to skew my perceptions and somehow try to capture that feeling in the script using bizarre imagery.  I believe this shows through in the book and I'm really proud of how it came out.  

Most of the credit really does go to C.H. Kim and his incredible artwork.  He has a sharp eye for perspective and really goes deep into detail without making the pages muddy.  I kept the script dialogue light on purpose to really showcase his artwork, and was amazed to see his additions and layouts carry the plot further than I'd imagined.


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