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I'm Louvre'n It

Thursday June 6 - Day 7 part 2

Back in the exec lounge...  We went out to the Louvre and arrived in the dead heat of about 11am.  Nita has a high fatigue rate as of late so we decided to take it easy.  When we got to the line we were very very thankful we paid for the skip-the-line tickets.  We shuffled past the easily hour wait, prancing past the leering eyes of the unprepared.

Mona Lisa is back there somewhere!

The Louvre was huge and there was no way we were going to see everything.  I really wanted to see the Venus de Milo and we both agreed we couldn't leave without seeing the Mona Lisa.  We trekked past the roman sculptors and snapshotted our way past the cavernous pillars and high painted ceilings.  We took lots of breaks as we made our way through the greek sculptures and italian paintings.  Despite the enjoyment of the museum, we were both exhausted and could no see many of the other "must-see" exhibits.  We had our fill of huge gorgeous paintings and masterfully carved noseless and penis-less statues.

We left and stopped at a cafe overlooking the tourist-saturated streets.  Nita ate a "small" dish of hotdogs and fries (even though we ordered sausages), and I ate a canard de confit finally.  Tasty and succulent, the meat fell off the clean bones.  Dijon mustard was a wonderfully powerful addition to the potatoes.  We the stopped at a nearby pastry shop for a small opera cake.

We headed to the Champs D'Elysees shopping district and peeked in and out of big name brands like Louis Vuitton and Eric Lompart.  We grabbed some incredible (and incredibly) expensive macarons from a fancy place called Laduree.

After this, we decided to pack it in and are back in the hotel for Souli's "lunch" break since she's on night shift.  Our bags are going to be quite full out of Paris.

Souli had a lunch break so we headed next door to an italian place.  I had a delicious ravioli with way fattening cream sauce and cheese.  Nita had a steak with onions and french fries that was not stellar.

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