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Eiffel Light Show

Thursday June 6th Day 7

What a gentleman
Long relaxing day yesterday.  We took a little time to figure out the machines and headed for a small lunch at an italian place across the street.  We shared a across the street.  We shared a pretty delicious lunch of thin crust pizza and an okay minestrone soup.  By the time laundry was done and our stuff was reorganized it was already 4pm.  We left to shop near chinatown to get gifts for our parents and metro'd towards a small shopping district.


After some window shopping we headed into a pedestrian market and picked up some pate.  We ate escargot and escalope canard.  It was a heavy poutine-like meal that we nearly finished.  We left for the Eiffel tower and spent a few romantic hours strolling down the pathways, sitting on benches and lounging in the grassy park with many others.  We were casually and often asked if we wanted souvenirs or "wine? champagne?"

Strobey light show
The night peaked with the light show on the tower at 11pm.  The tower sparkled in a dazzling display for a few minutes.  We rushed towards the station and found locals selling slingshots that fired slow-falling and brightly lit LED propellors.  We went to go see how much, but the seller was walking quickly away from some cops.

On our way to the station we saw some breakdancers and soaked in the culture before heading back.

Currently, we have just finished breakfast at the god-sent Exec Lounge.  We are headed to the Louvre and it should be a packed day!

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