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Wednesday June 5th Day 6

Free love!
Last night we left to metro towards Souli.  The train system is super simple so we arrived without a hitch.  We joined Souli at a bar with about 10 other people.  This could have been awkward for me especially since I was the only one who didn't speak french.  Luckily most of her friends spoke english and we chatted about travelling and work and Paris.  Nita and I split a pulled pork sandwich that was pretty delicious.

We said our goodbyes and headed to the red light district.  We arrived about 25 mins in advance but quickly realized we should have come much earlier.  The line for first-come, first-served seating stretched down the blocks.  When we got in, we were seated pretty far back but the place was well set up and the stage was very visible and we were center view.

Ooooo... toys!

The show was pretty spectacular.  Bright colours, huge set changes, flashing lights, impressive vibrant costumes and so, so, so many boobs.  It was great.  Gymnastic and comedy acts brought the house down and enthusiastic topless dances kept the energy up.

We left and took a taxi back as the subway system inexplicably shuts down at midnight.  After a short wait in a long line of taxis we hopped in a young man's cab.  It was thrilling.  Empty tuesday night streets acted more like a race track.  He weaved past other taxis and cars like they were still.  He spent more time on shoulders and in between lanes than on the road.  It was exciting and yet, we weren't afraid.  He was a pro no question.  The insanity of speeding down narrow roads mixed with nascar precision.

Nita and I got back tired.  So tired that it is now half past noon and we just got up.  After such a hectic few days I am happy to take it easy and do some laundry.

Many breasts can be found in that building.

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