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Written: Tuesday June 4th

We arrived in Paris relatively late.  4:30pm we met with our guide (and Nita's cousin) Souli.  We metro'd back to her hotel and were given access to the executive lounge from one of Souli's front desk friends.  The hotel room is amazing on the 16th floor with a good view of the city.  We are very lucky.  After dropping off our stuff we took a short walk and ate at a small cafe/restaurant.  Duck breast for Nita and a rack of lamb for me. Amazing as expected.  We walked down to the chinatown but all the store fronts were closed on late evening mondays.  A nice walk, we ended up taking the metro back to our hotel.  We stayed up a bit later to take care of emails and look up a laundromat about 25 mins away.

Might be the best meal of the trip
Duck breast

We slept like rocks in our heaven of pillows and got ready for a very full day of sightseeing.  I must be sure to conserve my energy today.

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