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Written: Monday June 3rd

We arrived into Amsterdam yesterday starving.  Always avoiding the first place I see off of the train, we ended up in an italian style restaurant.  It was pretty good, but it might have been the hunger.  It was then a mad search for the hotel began.  At first I took a wild guess (as I printed everything for our trip but this hotel).
Tired Nita on the train

We went to the tourist info guide who sent me to the other side of the tourist area.  I then spent another 20-30 mins trying to find the hotel with a heavy bag and broken store wifi.

After we arrived we rested a while.  Nita took a nap and I walked some of the Red Light district.  It did not disappoint.  I stopped by my first coffeeshop 3 doors from our hotel.  Afterwards I found my way back to our room for an afternoon nap with already passed out Nita.

We woke up early evening and there was a bright sunny day.  It was still unseasonably cool which was perfect for me.

We walked all night through the different parts of town and I fought my instincts on buying a blindbox toy.  We ate some fries and a hot dog, walked a few hours and had a nutella waffle.  We also ended our night with a late dinner of a meat pie with mash, which we shared.

When it got really late and it was dark, we had chicken burgers and strawberry waffles.  We woke up to the free buffet style breakfast of bread and cheese and cold cuts.  We packed up and stopped for coffeeshop muffins and more waffles with ice cream.  We ended our food-filled day with lunch, a chicken club that we shared.  Lots of food and lots of walking past window-lined streets of girls, sex shops, bars, and coffee shops.

Plain ol' chocolate muffin

Amsterdam nightlife

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