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Brussels! Part 2

Written: June 2nd

Didn't see the peeing baby, but got the peeing dog
We went out last night to scope some restaurants.  Italian and french we were saving for... well Italy and France.  We were all sweeted out from chocolates and pastries so we went for thai.  Odd choice? yes. Regret? Nope!

Street murals
We walked in and played "guess the asian".  Nita was convinced Thai and I agreed (though I was also thinking Filipino).  We sat down and Nita realized a few mins later that they were Laos! (Laotian).  I goaded powerfully for Nita to speak to them in Laos.  She did and they had a cool convos about our trip.  Lemongrass chicken for me, Pad Thai made for Nita.  Small and bustling the restaurant was great.

We went back and met with our hosts.  He had bought us speculoos cookies and a sweet spread.  The calorie count on it was off the charts.  Accommodation to the max he gave me an oral history and personal experiences with trapist beers.  If you want to wiki it, don't.  There was something special about hearing it first hand with a beer in your hand.  We proceeded to do a taste test of two Chimay beers and a La challe.  He assured me that he does not offer these beers most of the time, and I'm glad we clicked.  I will remember them fondly as we talked late into the night. Perfect.

Trapist beers
This morning Nita and I got ready and are now on the train to Amsterdam.  We are starving and I am craving some meat after our bready and sugary time in Brussels.

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