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Still Saturday June 1st, Day 2

What a day!  We took the train where I got a very dense 45 mins sleep.  Suffice it to say, we were quite drained from the lack of sleep when we arrived.  I wanted to use the washroom for my upset stomach and the washrooms on the trains had no water in the bowl which worried me.  Lack of water doesn't scream solid matter.  I flushed some tissue just fine, but didn't want to risk the potential awkward scenes.

The train station had pay washrooms which I was warned about.  I am not complaining though, I actually prefer the toll.  The washrooms weren't great by any stretch, but considering it was a public toilet at a major train station, it could have been much worse.  I chalk it up to the 0.50 euro fee.

We boarded a local and realized it was j j j a a a m m m e e d p p a c c k e d d!  full of people.

Nita said halfway to watch for pick pockets.  Apparently a mysterious hand checked her pockets on the 8 min ride.  Luckily all it got was a good feel of her snotty kleenex.

Travel Tip
 - Keep money close to your body.  Jacket pocket works well if you keep your arm over it.

We got to the BnB and met with a man so accommodating it was extreme.  He talked about - - well everything.  A worldly fella, he has lots of stories and attention to detail.  A bit trying after so little sleep.  I still couldn't get mad as he was super friendly.  I politely took my leave and joined Nita for a long awaited and much needed. nap.

We set our alarm for 2:30pm but it was the fight of my life to get out of the thick & comfy bed.  Apparently their newborn (1 mth) cried a little, but I didn't notice.  We had already missed the sold out culinaria 2013, but took the opportunity to walk the city.  With local know-how from our gracious hosts we set off to a bakery owned by a french pastry chef who apparently worked in some michelin * restos.

A couple of amazing croissants later we went to a local fish monger who served up croquettes, fish soup & a fried solette. A spectacular & rich (an often occurring trait of our food) snack/meal before exploring the city.  We started on the locals side and strolled through cobblestoned streets into trendy and hipster-saturated toy stores, art galleries, and boutiques.

Chocolate... mmm...  They made the chocolate on site.

We then strolled down more cobblestoned streets into the tourist-crowded areas filled with chocolatiers, waffles, souvenir shops and even more chocolatiers.  One chocolatier/dessert stop for every 2 regular stores.  We walked past football jugglers, marionettes & street buskers into a small agora market with local crafts.  We headed back for a rest but not before being treated to an outdoor busker group consisting of 2 saxes, an insane (or eccentric) bass player, and 3 accordions.

Currently?  we are resting at the BnB before heading for food.  I'm listening to Christopher Tin and Nita is sleeping on my shoulder.  Time for food!

Neat to Know Basis
- Lil' Wayne was playing at a small grocery store in the train station.

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