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Saturday June 1st,  Day 2

This is midnight in Ottawa, or 6am in Paris... no sleeping yet!

Made it!  We got in with the local time of 5am.  I didn't get any sleep, but watched an aged Arnie in "The Last Stand".  It was a wonderfully bad movie which I caught most of.  The movie, for me, stopped with Arnold giving a suplex to a Columbian? Mexican? drug lord.  We left the plane and hurried to the nearest toilet.  When we discovered there was a line for the women's, we went to the next nearest toilet.

The bathroom mentioned ripped from someone else's blog.
It actually looks much better if you see the rest.
Exaggeration aside, it was the nicest bathroom I've ever used.  I had a small window of opportunity to snap a cell pic, but hesitated and it was quickly filled up by a large arrival.

We took a train past endless graffiti lined walls to the Paris Nord station, and I

began feeling very hard the fact that it was 1-2 am for my body.  We ditched the super heavy coffee-mate cans that we were quested to bring and ate some croissants at a local cafe/pub.

We hopped our train to Brussels where I am currently writing from.  Fun fact?  Some European toilets (public ones) don't have lids.

Congrats ladies, I officially feel your squatting pains... I thought the first one was broken, but a stop at the closest McD's confirmed the lidless porcelain.  I don't blame them, I'd want to discourage those rear-exit shenanigans too.

Fun Fact #2?  Parisian McD's sell Macarons... looks tasty...

I'm lovin' it, or would have if I bought any.

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