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Shop bop a lula

Friday June 7th Day 8

We are back!  We left in the early morning and met with Souli's parents and they were delightful.  I understood exactly 0% of what they said as Nita spoke to them in Laos occasionally lapsing into french.  I was expecting Laos food, which I would've been fine with, but instead they put out a fresh baguette and croissant.  It was then I realized that we hadn't had baguette yet, only croissants and pastries.  It was phenomenal.  Nita chatted with them as I inconspicuously plowed through half the baguette and 2 croissants.  Not a huge bread guy, I was amazed at how delicious crispy-crusty baguette was.  We ate it with an award-winning orange/lychee jam and mmm-butter.  We left with thanks and headed for a few hours of shopping... which ended up being more than a few hours.

Homeless man's cat + dog.  Awwww

We headed to the Lafayette department store, a huge 7-floor ornately decorated center of shopping madness.  Top brands and ridiculous prices as far as the eye could see.  Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Armani, Dior, Chanel, you name it.  If you

have a few hun- no, thousand Euros to spend, this is the place.  Scarf? 300€.  Polo shirt? 125€.  Necklace? no joke, 80,000€... that's over $100,000 CDN.  We split up and I went to the bande dessiner and toy sections and spent a solid hour and change.  The respect for graphic art was commendable and I wish I spoke

So close...
french so I could buy some.  I found and bought a Moulin Rouge print for 2.70€, a far cry from the 18€ I was planning to spend.  I met with Nita at the designated time and place and we struck out for food.  She had McD nuggets as a snack thankfully.  We ate delicious "Galette" which was basically crepes but filled with cheese, tomatoes, ham or eggs depending on your order.

We planned to call it but with renewed energy we set out to shop at boutiques.  We luckily stumbled upon affordable stores and ended up shopping until 4:30 - 5pm.  A solid 6 hours, I was tired but not excessively.  Our last stop was at a hipster's shangri-la where I perused over Nixon and vinyl toys.  Now tired, we headed back and enjoyed some food at the lounge and a long shower.  I am currently relaxed in bed writing before heading out.  I've had a few complimentary drinks and am feeling smooooth.

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