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The photo-less night!

Nita had a craving for broth and we decided to walk out for a quick onion soup.  Within 10 minutes in the night life of old Nice, we had seen:

- A flair bartender
- An open invite to a pub crawl which we are too old and lame for
- A man dressed in a parrot costume

(Also, we ran into two girls from Ottawa that just happened to be looking for a late night snack too.)

Sufficet to say I was very sad that I didn't bring my camera.  We could not find a restaurant still serving food after 10:30pm on a sunday night...


After intensive searching we rounded towards our apartment and found the one and only restaurant (it seems) serving onion soup.  We sat down and looked at the menu realizing quickly that we were definitely going to pay for it.

12€ for the soup and 7€ for my creme brulee.  We ate it, though the soup was a scalding lava-like temperature.  We knocked the 2 items off of our must-try-in-France list, all the while listening to rich travellers attempting to seem humble yet still not understanding reality for most... In the end, the soup was good and so was the dessert, so no real complaints.

I'm very tired.  This trip is wonderful but I am thinking more and more of our much less exhausting life back home.  Laundry tomorrow, hopefully.

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