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St. Paul de VenceAl

Sunday June 9th Day 10

Woke up at around 9am to leave for 10.  Missed the mark by only about 15 mins.  All 4 of us went to a nearby boulanger and Nita ordered a super greasy sausage roll.  Hauke and Wakana shared a baguette sandwich and we headed to the book festival.  We pored over more bandes dessiner and I bought a post card for my artist extraordinaire Chris.  We walked the path to the bus stop and fought to the front of the line to get a seat.  We left to St. Paul de Vence, about an hour bus.  The weather was cloudy, so it was better we avoided the Nice beaches.

We arrived at St. Paul de Vence and were taken aback by the beauty.  A tourist destination, it is a growing secret that is not yet saturated by tourists.  The old city sits in the mountainous countryside and overlooks a huge valley that spans out to rolling mountains.  Despite being overcast, the day was bright.  We stopped at a local joint and had quiches, ravioli and pate.  This was our fist pate as Nita wasn't allowed to eat it as of late.  We wandered the gorgeous old streets and shops snapping pictures often of the 360 degrees panoramic view surrounding the city walls.

Scenic and gorgeous turned quickly to a dark thunderous rain as we ran into a small cafe.  Hauke ordered a crepe and we had coffee and hot chocolate to wait for the weather to die down.  Afterwards, it was still raining but not as hard.  We walked through the dreary and drizzly weather to the bus stop to find a group of travellers. We were lucky as the bus was late and we didn't have to wait for the next one.  Me and Hauke talked games, and arrived to a post rain Nice.  We ordered a Nice style pizza of too-salty anchovies and olives as well as a hawaiin.

After our early dinner we headed up a pathway to castle hill.  We arrived at 7:30pm and it closed at 8pm.  Wakana and Hauke headed up first to snap shots.  Nita and I walked a slower pace behind.  The view of Nice was untouched by heavy clouds as the now sunny day poured over the city.  We took advantage by snapping photos overlooking the mountain ranges.  At 8pm a motorcycle cop whistled out and ushered people out.  We headed down slowly... really slowly.  We snapped pictures on the way down, taking a different route down.  We heard the cop trailing behind, yelling for people to head down.  At the bottom the bike cop was waiting (or his friend, we couldn't tell) and lectured us (though he looked at me) in a firm voice.  This was of course lost on me as I don't speak french.  Oh well.

Aloe mate
We walked to a panoramic view at the base of castle hill and sat watching the sun set behind the city.  We came back and broke open Myron's gift that I bought in Amsterdam, a pack of naughty playing cards, and played big 2.  After a shower we rested and I started writing...


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