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Son of the Beach

Monday June 10th Day 11

This is why there are private jets parked by the airport

A pretty quiet night by the time we went to bed.  I woke up a couple times, but that is better than the night before.  Wakana and Hauke left early and came back just in time as we were just about to leave.  They were godsends as they brought a baguette with cold cuts and hotdogs.  We ate an appreciated lunch.

We split up again, I went to do some shopping and laundry.  Wakana and Hauke trekked up castle hill again minus the cop.  Uneventful morning of perusing old town, but a welcome pace.  We met with our companions and headed to the beach to lounge.  The beach here is not sand, but instead ocean polished pebbles and rocks.  Smooth grey rocks stretched the coast of Nice and we laid down onto it with hesitation.  I was surprised to find it wasn't quite as uncomfortable as I anticipated.  I watched Nita almost get swept out to sea and we spent about an hour being lulled by the hot sun and the sound of waves crashing and rearranging the smooth rocks.  We left and took a short browse of the local flea market shucking mostly old antiques, silverware, posters and other goods for antique prices.  We have just finished a late lunch of fresh-made pasta purchased from a local pasta maker.  Cooked to perfection by Hauke, we are now resting before leaving Nice again to... Monaco!

Nice to know!
The laundry is pretty expensive here.  3€ for wash and 0.50€ every 6 mins but another place was 4€ wash and 0.80€ for 5 mins dry... no thanks.

Not so Nice
I was awoken last night by drunken travellers singing bohemian rhapsody very poorly.

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