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Monaco and Chandeliers

A mad rush to the bus as we saw it pulling into the stop a couple of blocks ahead of us.  We managed to snag seats out to Monaco.

The view on the way was gorgeous.  The coastal route hugged the cliffside and displayed the view of beach view houses and parts.  A mix of vivid green trees speckled with red and orange rooftops followed us the whole route.  The bright day highlighted the deep blue waters and lit up the rocky grey cliffs.  We arrived in Monaco by the casino.  After snapping pics at the surrounding gardens and parks we decided to just stroll around the area.  The Chanel store set the mood.  We walked in on my insistence so that Nita could see her favorite shop in the high end category.

We uncomfortably did a quick circle around as we were outrageously out of place as simple commoners.  This feeling lasted long after as we realized that the whole area is made of solid diamonds value-wise.  We took in the gorgeous view of port Hercule and I very luckily put my hand in bird poo.  After that we sauntered through a rich mall and were stunned by the high class/price window items.  Giant glass chandeliers and ornate spiral staircases decorated the fancy pants mall.

We decided since we were in the richest place we've ever been, we'd celebrate with McD's.  We hunted past all the overpriced cafes filled with middle aged upper crust and dodged Lamborginis and Ferraris past Mercedes and Bentley stores.  Ditching the ladies, Hauke and I continued on foot with a vague memory of the McD directions.  We finally found it, hidden in a non-descript white building.  The fast-food joint overlooked the Monaco ocean and we ordered a Royal with cheese (for Quentin) and a chicken mythic.  We trekked to the girls at long-leg speed.  We met and ate McD's in the park in front of the rich casino... on a bench.  To the crowd there, we might as well have been homeless.  A quick bus back and we rested back at our place.  After filming some great buskers we headed out to see the new Nice nightlife.  We saw an incredible spray paint artist and walked the beach at night.  We packed up and hit the bed/couch.

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