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Flyday June 11th

Tuesday June 11 Day 12

Flight day!  Hauke grabbed some baguette from a local shop and we finished off our fridge food.  A quick stroll on the beach and local market.  We caught our bus and noticed a huge line.  We checked in as our line was very short.  We realized after going through customs that the line was for customer service.  A list of flights and gates showed 9 cancelled flights and 6-7 delayed.  Apparently a strike was holding everything back.  I am currently sitting at the terminal with Nita on my itouch and Wakana/Hauke on their kindles.  Our flight was set to leave at 2pm and it is currently 3pm

Nice food!
I just ate a super delicious and filling baguette dog smothered in cheese.  Nap time?

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