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To Roma, with exhaustion

Wednesday June 12 Day 13

Fontana di Trevi... it's beautiful but you can't tell in this pic
I guess we're counting down our last few days although we just got to Rome and there's a lot ahead of us.  Yesterday our flight wasn't that much later.  We arrived at 6:30 and found out how Italian cab drivers rule the road.

Despite not being an actual taxi, but a prearranged driver, our guy was fantastically insane.  I noticed that he and many other drivers found the road lines to be completely optional.  Be it driving in the middle of the road (alot), on the shoulder, cutting across in front of or tailgating; going the wrong way on the road, pushing tourists, he did it all while on his phone.  We charged through the tourists in the narrow streets to our apartment near the Fontana Di Trevi.

We met with our apartment manager and struck out to gauge the area.  We turned the corner and were stunned by the gorgeous fountain.  Our trip has been constantly filled with ornately decorated walls and masterfully crafted statues.  This fountain's sheer size and beauty helped highlight this point.  We hungrily searched the area for a market and ate at a nearby restaurant.  The one we chose was beautiful, but I was a little disappointed by the food.  The swordfish ravioli was too undercooked and the soup was a little bland.  Being in the tourist area, it is more risky eating at the local restaurants.  We headed for bed after having a small chat on our very own terrace.  A place I not only enjoyed but will probably be the highlight of Rome.

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