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Wonderland Day!

Wonderland Day Monday August 30th

We woke up and went to dim sum, after picking up Kit and Danny.  It was HOT!  When we got to wonderland it was blaring.

The first ride we went on was the Behemoth.  It was crazy.  The drop at the beginning put me out of sorts, and the top gun and stunt ride didn't help. [I was dizzy ALL day from that first ride]  I was pretty set on getting Nita a doll, but Danny won a Domo doll first. [Beat out a bunch of kids at whack-a-mole.  When I was playing against Danny, I hit one of the gophers and it broke off the stick and fell into the machine.  The carny chick gave me my 2 bucks back and told me not to ride the Behemoth because I would break it *flex*]  From that I tried to win a rope climbing game, and scraped my leg pretty bad.  The bruise got worse and worse a few days to come.  Eventually I won a pokemon doll of Sudowoodo, and beat out a kid and her mom at the spray gun water race. [I actually feel bad about this one, because the mom was like "okay, but only 1 more try.  We can't play anymore" because the kid kept bugging her to play... she seemed frustrated]  We ended the day on the Vortex and headed back to pack up and eat.

We had some sushi/korean/japanese food, and the Ottawans went back.  Later Daniel and me went to BBT with his friends.
[No pictures this one folks.  My camera was out of batteries that day, so all the Wonderland pics are with Kit.  I'll post some if I can get a hold of them]

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