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Toronto with the family

Yesterday Tuesday August 31st

[I don't know why I didn't elaborate too much on this day, I guess I was tired.  It was actually really cool meeting Daniel's friends.]

Yesterday Daniel brought me to sushi with his friends and we ordered way too much. [I met some really cool people.  A phillipino military mohawk guy that was crazy fun, and a girl named Michelle who was made fun of a lot stand out.  The phillipino guy wanted to take some fob pictures at pmall, and I declined.  Later on I grew to regret this as I have no pictures of that day]  I met some of his friends and we hung out at Pacific mall. [I had a fresh made real-fruit mango smoothie for 2 bucks... oh how I love P-mall]  Afterwards Daniel and I went to the Scarboro town centre for a movie, but it was too busy so we just shopped. [I also discovered Daniel is a stylish shopper... who is really bad when it comes to spending money]

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