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Toronto with the family Day 2

Today Sept 1st

[A pretty lazy day given my busy busy weekend.  Not much of a post today folks]

I woke up and ate congee with my aunt Mei Ling.  I picked up a change purse at Pacific mall of domo.  I got 2 because the deal and I came back. [$8 for 1, $10 for 2]  I played Starcraft 2 and L4D2 until Daniel came back.  We went shopping with more of his friends [they were all pretty young, like 19-21.  There was a lot of sitting around and watching them texting.  I felt really old.], and afterwards Daniel and I went to Hot Yoga.  It was really amazing how much I sweat. [There was a point where I was doing a downward dog... and slipped off my own sweat]  Yoga was fun, but I am really inflexible and couldn't do some positions.  In the end, I'd go again, but only if someone else wanted to. [The hot yoga was apparently a different set of positions than normal, because we kicked it off and ended it with a bunch of ab exercises]

[So yes, no pictures today.  I would have brought the camera in to snap pics of sweaty men/women in tight clothes, but I don't think they would have approved of it]

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