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Day 1 Charles

September 3rd Friday

Day 1 Charles

A campus sports field I saw walking to Charles
Went with Daniel to get his car aligned.  We ate at a small breakfast place, and he found a hair in his pancakes. [The guy took Daniels plate away and gave us a 'new' pancakes]  We're both reasonably sure the guy just put them on a different plate.  I got a ride to a subway station to go meet Charles, but Daniel couldn't find the station and drove to another one [He was driving around lost for a good 15 mins, and ended up driving most of the way there.  That was my first introduction to Fly like a G6]

I met with Charles and we headed back to his and his fiancee's place.  Nancy is really shy, but seems nice.  We had a quick dinner of rice vermicelli and chicken in thai sweet and spicy sauce.  I proved pretty useless in the kitchen, which I blame on unfamiliar ingredients (bok choy and rooty cilantro =/). [I realize that is not a valid excuse, but we'll let that slide right?]  We went out for some pool and a couple drinks to prove we all suck at pool.

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