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Charles Day 2

Charles Day 2

Waterfront behind Charles' place

Today we had some pancakes, and Nancy went to work.  We chilled out and I settled some packing stuff waiting for the rain to die.  After it did, we went out to get something for Charles to fix his friend's monitor.  On our way out was a Chicago player with the Stanley Cup [What cross canada trip would be complete without seeing the Stanley Cup?  The cup was literally right outside Charles' building, random right?].  There was a big line and no camera (charging), so we kept going. [Also, we saw the Canadian Snow birds fly overhead... that or 5 random jets with smoke streaming behind them]

  We came back and had sandwiches before going on a walk. [This is where I discovered liverwurst.  Until now, I just thought there was pate]  Charles' neighbourhood isn't great, but is really close to a beautiful path/park.  [We walked in the evening for about a half hour to hour and settled down on the waterbank on some rocks]  We're playing guitar and I'm writing into the night.


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