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Convention Day 3

Convention Day 3 Sunday August 29th
Sunday wasn't even the busy day.
The comic dealers are getting better with deals, so I bought a bunch. Met up with Nita and she was waiting in line for Gary Frank for me. God she is amazing. [Nita went earlier than me since she stayed downtown, and was in line for a good while before I got there]

I got his signature [He wrote "Cheese!" instead of "Cheers!" which he tried fixing, I guess he was hungry haha, really nice guy] and met up with her @ a sketching duel, which was pretty amazing. It was good to see artists taling about what they do/love. [They drew Nightwing, Power Girl, and Wolverine]

Took lots and lots of pictures that turned up blurry. [The people would pose, and I'd run up with a bunch of other photo takers and hastily snap, leading to blurry pics] Nita and I ate at a downtown restaurant, and I got a signature by Alex Maleev, who was a bit of a drama queen. [He also used a black marker on my black cover =/] I gave Nita her B-day gift and we went to bed. [Keychains]

[I'll try not to blast this post with too many pics.  Got lots of hot chicks in costume... because it's hot]

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