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Convention Day 2

Convention Day 2  Saturday August 28th

Woke up early for the con.  It opens at 10am and we wanted to be there by 9am.  We cabbed it and made it at 8:40am.  We were still a good 20-30 ft from the entrance, still nice and close.  By 9am, the line was @ the end of the block. [I went for a timmies run, and the place was full of costumes, got back and Rachel/Daniel were there]  Good thing we got there early.  We rushed to the Stan Lee line when the doors opened and waited another hour. [Lots of waiting, but it was fun, just chilled out with Danny and Kit]

Kit and Stan "the man" Lee

Stan Lee came and blew through signings.  No personalized signatures, just bring it up, hand it to him, and walk away. [They had a hired goon to stand in front of Stan and keep the line moving]  Danny and I were so excited to get it.  The man truly is a legend.  The place got way too crowded by 1pm, so we ditched (having procured our sigs).  The escalator up [the ONLY escalator up to the dealer floor] stopped working, and they weren't letting anyone back in because it was too full. [Fire marshall said they hit capacity]  From there the day was a write off. 
We ate at a place called Hero Burger, [awesome, right?] where we met Nita (who went shopping) and strolled around until 5-6pm.  We headed back to the now less-filled convention centre.  By this time we were all exhausted.  We chilled out, I bought more comics, and we went to see the Masquerade.  It was pretty painful to watch so me and Rachel left to go back to my aunts place. [Technical difficulties, and it was slow paced and a bit TOO nerdy/cheesy.] 

[I ditched early in the show and went to an advertised comic shop sale, but the line there was ridiculous.  On my way back, I realized I was downtown on a saturday night, because everyone was dressed super nice and I was in a spider-man shirt with a VIP tag.  It was strange having such a clash of super nerds to cool clubber people]

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