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Convention Day 1

[This is actually 3 days of logs that I did in 1 night after my last day at the con]
September 1st

It's been a really hectic weekend.  Definately spent a huge amount of my budget at the convention already.  My cousins and aunt have made sure I've had lots to do.

Convention Day 1  Friday August 27th
Left bright and early.  Kit and Danny stayed out late, it's kind of amazing he still wanted to drive.  Everyone passed out, so I tried my best to keep Kit awake with my music and a podcast. [Podcast was "Live! from a shoebox"]  Pretty easy ride up all things considered.  Nita's dad made us a pack lunch of costco chicken and bread/rice, but we stopped for fast food anyways.  Arby's was closed so it was McD's. [In Kingston... we were very heartbroken over the loss of an Arby's meal]  When we got to my aunts, she wasn't home.  We called and got instructions on getting in.  There was a girl sleeping on the couch that I thought was my cousin.  When I said "hi Cindy" I got a sleepy reply of "I'm not Cindy".  So weird that there was this random girl on the couch. [I didn't mention the super awkwardness of both the random girl and us wondering who the other was for a good half hour... Also it was Cindy's friend who stayed over]  We waited for my aunt to get home, hoping to get a ride.  We got subway tokens and directions instead.  Oh well.

When we got there, the line was ridiculous.  It stretched down the block and around to the bottom of a bridge overpass.  On top of this, we were late!  We stood in line for an hour and a half.  When we got in, I zero'd in on a book stack of trades [Trade paper back-->  Soft cover books] marked -40% US cover cost.  Poor Nita had to go off on her own as I sifted through. [I was standing there flipping through comics for HOURS, meanwhile Nita would check back periodically to see if I was done... I was not]  Most of that day was doing a tour and going through those trades.  We slept at the hotel on the floor in preparation for Stan Lee's autograph.

[Didn't mention that me and Nita went to a dance Jpop party at the con at around 8pm.  By then though, we were exhausted and it was WAY too high energy.  The DJ took songs, and crazy sped them up, it was like a crazy speed rave vibe, which neither of us were game for]
[I'll post these convention logs one at a time]

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