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Hey everyone.

A lot of people have been asking me to post my travel journal, and to put some of my pictures up from my Cross Canada trip.  In response, I have created this blog, and will be posting my adventures.  It's rather boring and you don't really get a taste of the time line if you read them all at once (that, and I don't want to type it all at once), so I'm going to be posting a journal log every day-ish.  Hopefully I can follow through with this concurrently for the month I was gone, so it'll be like you were there with me (assuming you care enough to log on to read them). 

The travel journal was actually all written down during the trip and I have the 2 books I used here with me.  Asides from a few spelling fixes and a log or two, It'll be pretty much verbatim.  Also, since I wrote it on the road late after the day was done, I couldn't elaborate too much on some key points, so I'll be putting my post-trip comments in [brackets and italics like this].


I don't know if I'll keep updating this blog after I'm done posting my trip journal, but maybe I'll use it to post a few neat things I find on the internet, or stick up some pictures of food that I make or get from a nice restaurant.  Anyways, enjoy!

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