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Winnipeg Day 2

Winnipeg Day 2 Sept 6th

[The hostel kitchen]

[The busy streets of Winnipeg]

Couldn't find my credit card, so it looks like a new number [The new card will be shipped to Ottawa].  I packed up and checked bus times and the paddleboat cruise.  The ship leaves @ 1pm, so I said bye to Dominic, and might meet him in Jasper (he's renting a car and staying there till the 19th). 

I wandered into chinatown and saw a restaurant that said $6.99 buffet lunch.  When I went in however, it was a dim sum place. [I think all dim sum places are made by some big dim sum restaurant factory... the interior was royal red with the dragon/pheonix gold statue on the wall... like ALL dim sum places]  I had some dim sum (4-5 dishes) and packed half.  It was good, nothing amazing, but surprising for such a small city. 

The whole city is pretty much shut down, but you can always count on chinatown being open.  After a bit of wandering, I came to the paddlewheel cruise an hour before it leaves, and I am writing this as people are filling in.  I'm going to call Nita with a phone card tonight I think.  also, I just found bird shit on my jacket.  Aaand my guitar zipper pull is broken. [The bird shit was on my guitar case strap too, but it was a small deposit either way]

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