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Sept 6th Monday (Labour Day)

Last night I met with a dude from Switzerland.  He was on the same bus, but in the back.  After our 32 hour bus ride, we both headed to the same hostel.  I met a Winnipeg-an named Marnie on the bus from Kenora.  She gave us some suggestions on where to go, and directions to our hostel street.

Busy streets of Winnipeg

When we got to the hostel, I was surprised how big it was.  The main lobby is attached to a bar [The bar was blasting some music, luckily it could not be heard from my 3rd floor room].  As soon as we got there, me and Dominic (Switzerland dude) embarked into Winnipeg.  We quickly realized there were no people in the downtown area on a sunday night before the labour day Monday (asides from a few drunk/high natives).  After walking about 20-30 minutes, we hit the Red River, and realized we walked straight through downtown.  We quickly walked back at night because it was still eerily empty, and I was worried about getting mugged. [I don't want to say that I was justified completely, but I could have gotten stabbed in the middle of the downtown area in the evening with absolutely no witnesses.  Add to that some dirty looks from some unsavoury types]

One of many of my blurry ass shots

The city is nice but a bit sketchy.  I did my laundry in the sink, and blew through 3 tide packs... and made a mess [I have since gotten better at washing clothes in a sink].  Not wanting to annoy Dominic and the other roomie any further, I sucked it up and paid 1.50 to dry my clothes... mostly.  I hung up my semi-dry clothes and went to bed. [It's really odd how much I spent on some things, and still stressed 1.50 to save me heaps of trouble]

[This actually turned out to be the best of all the hostels to come.  Not to say that all the others were bad, but this one was especially good]
This is downtown people...

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