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Winnipeg Day 2... Cruisin' CDN

Took some pictures before the boat filled up.

Free tickets to a boat dance!
This cruise is alright. 2 hours is a bit long when going solo. [I didn't expect the cruise to last 2 hours... after an hour of factoids, it was an hour of just drifting around on a boat with a bunch of people I didn't really talk to.  I did however meet some french Quebec guy who competed and won awards in arm wrestling]  It's probably better I kill more of the day.  [At the end, the captain was giving out free tickets to a boat party in a few weeks.  I decided to nab some and give them to the hostel]

I like the faces on the sides.

Took the rest of the day to wander in and around Winnipeg.  It was busier than the morning, but still nothing that could be considered a crowd.  I went down to the "Forks" which was a huge park.  There were a lot of families there, and even a skatepark.  From what I could tell, the stores weren't open there either. [I didn't really look for the market area to be honest]  I did manage to stand in the windiest corner in Canada.  It was windy, but nothing spectacular.  I can only imagine if it was an actual windy day.  The corner was filled with flagpoles. [The picture makes it seem windier than it was]

I decided to take an earlier bus out to Saskatoon as I pretty much tapped out Winnipeg.  I took a bus halfway to the terminal because Marnie (the local I met going into Winnipeg) said that the 'Salisbury House' was a Winnipeg thing.  I ended up walking about 20 mins with my full pack on, but I found it pretty quick.  The place was basically a Denny's or Perkins type of diner, as downplayed by both Marnie and the waitress.  I felt a sense of obligation to order the salisbury steak and got veggies and hash browns [as my side selection].  The food was decent, slightly cheaper than Denny's but also slightly better in taste.  The best was that the hash browns tasted very buttery [SOOO buttery, it was heartstopping goodness and I got a really bad heartburn attack].  A quick taxi to the terminal and here I am at midnight blowing through the prairies.  I'm supposed to get to town at around 5am, so I hope I get some sleep tonight.  [Everyone told me how boring the prairies are, and Charles said it goes by like that.  I ended up passing through it in the pitch black of night]

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