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Saskatoon Day 1

Sept 7th Tuesday

 Arrived at 5:45am-ish.  Everyone here at the bus station is really helpful and genuinely wanted to help me out.  The driver (from Saskatoon) recommended I visit the University of Saskatoon.  The ticket lady and security guard showed me directions on how to get around.  The guard even showed me the broken bus locker that didn't charge, but still locked. [Free locker w00t!]

[Found an old TMNT game at a stop the night before]

Dalai Lama... for some reason?

My first goal was to set out and find a place to stay.  Saskatoon didn't have any HI-Hostel, so I decided to stay at a hotel/motel.  After wandering downtown and checking out all the stores so I could go back when they opened, I narrowed it down to 2 choices.  Both hotels were downtown located so I could access the bus easily.  Unlike the other hotels that averaged $130, the hotels were $105 and $75ish.  I decided to splurge because the cheaper one was attached to a liquor store and looked sketchy. [It was also attached to a club that looked like it'd be loud]

In the end I'm glad I took the nicer one.  With a checkin at 1pm (it being 8:30am still)

[Split this one into two, it was a long day]

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