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Saskatoon Day 1... Part 2

I decided to walk to the U of Saskatchewan.  The campus was HUGE, and it was the first day back, so I got lost constantly.  There was an agriculture section with bales of hay and farm animals!  I took pictures, and got crazy muddy [This was a decisive moment, because my shoes got super dirty].  So much for my sparkling white adidas.  After a long trek I found the printing office and got my discovery pass laminated.  It sort of looks photocopied now because the ink bled.  I hope they still accept it.  To kill time I wandered into an on campus building.  I heard choir singing and walked towards it.  I came out looking down at a prayer group.  I'm pretty sure they didn't notice me.  While looking through the wildlife building, they made me sign in as a visitor.  Everyone looked at me suspiciously when I said I was just looking around becaues there were just offices there, so I signed in as Cedric Liu.  I wanted to see the SYNCHROTRON! but it was closed and only toured mondays and thursdays.  By the time I made it to the main road, it was 11am and I had been walking 5 hours.  I took a quick bus and asked to check-in.  The manager was a condescending passive aggressive bitch, and basically shoo-ed me away till 1pm.  I bombed around the (now open) downtown area and went back at 1pm with my bags.

I was worried because my credit card didn't work at the breakfast and BMO machines.  I called mastercard from BMO and he assured me the account was valid, and I could punch in the number if the strip was dead.  When checking in, the bitch said they don't punch in the numbers even though I could sign and had 2 picture ID's.  Luckily the card went through.  I had been walking about 7 hours by now, and took a much needed shower and fell asleep.  I woke up and tied some loose email ends and just finished dinner at a thai/laos place.  Gonna try the uni-observatory (open @8pm) and do some laundry in the sink.  They charge for washer but not the dryer.  I also bought Hebs/Wakana a little vinyl toy, and one for Rachel.  Good dinner, I'll save half for later.

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