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Saskatoon Day 2... The night prior

Sept 8th

Last night it turns out that the observatory was only open on saturday. [Bad timing, as that was the synchrotron and the observatory I missed]  I did spend alot of time in the arcade though.  It is run by this really nice couple.  It's equipped with some really fun oldschool games like strikers 1945 II and III as well as puzzle bobble and DDR.  One game I found amazing was 'Super Bishi Bashi'.  It's a japanese game purely in Japanese[I'm really stupid, it was korean, and very obviously in korean].  It's basically a bunch of strange mini-games that only use 2 or 3 buttons.  In the back there is a set-up for LAN that has a feel of a net cafe.  What a good and dangerous idea... LAN on campus.  Got back and did some late night laundry.

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