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Saskatoon Day 2... The zoo

NEXT DAY (Today)

I woke up and packed.  I went out to call Nita and eat some Taco Time.  That place is so much better than Taco Bell, but more $ [Mexican fast food hierarchy: Taco Bell, Taco Time, Mucho Burrito.  ranked lowest to best in price and quality... although all 3 are delicious in their own right]

Afterwards I went to the forestry park and zoo.  The place is basically a massive field and park with a cricket area, baseball diamond, picnic/bbq areas and gardens.  You can even buy permits to fish in their ponds.  Because it was late morning on a school day, it was only me and a few others there.  All of the others were just 1 parent and 1 or 2 young kids.  I assume the other parent was working and the kids looked too young for school.  It was a really nice day, so all the animals were lazing around.  They weren't doing much, but since it was so quiet that day, they were all out where I could see them (except the grizzly bear and a few birds) [The grizzly bear could SORT of be seen as a shadowy lump in a giant concrete tube].  Watching all the sleeping lazy animals made me miss my lazy sundays with Nita.

I bussed back into town and grabbed my junk [My bags, not my crotch] and now I'm waiting for my greyhound to meet Wakana.  I should probably grab some food first [ended up eating at a mall fast food cafeteria, and had a veal cordon bleu, that was alright].  Also, the pygmy goats were my favourite.

I found the Shire!

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