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Edmonton! Day 0 -> 1

September 12th Sunday

Wakana and I feeling sleepy at West Ed

I found Bubble Bobble between Saskatoon and Edmonton

  I arrived at night and walked to where I would meet Wakana.  [Edmonton downtown is supposedly a little sketchy, I saw a few unsavouries, but I was in and out of the bus station pretty quick]Apparently the rain came with me because the ride in was really bad, but calmed down by the time I left the station.  We stopped for a snack of donair and poutine. [That is the vinyl toy I got them, it's pretty silly so I'd be shocked if they put it up somewhere]
  Their place [Hebs and Wakana's] is pretty nice, and they are very organized, especially with their food.  All meals and ingredients were portioned out in the freezers.  I took the main bed because Wakana was going to sleep later than me.

  When we got up Wakana made me some eggs with toast and we headed to her campus.  The campus was pretty nice, and had a big mall area with lots of stores and places to eat.  I was amazed that it was there, it was the size of a small strip mall but on the campus.
Just happened to stumble upon  a police riot demonstration
  After this we went to West Edmonton Mall. [On the way to the mall, we stopped by another mall, and saw a police demonstration with riot police.  Sort of random.]  The mall was nice to see, but because I am travelling and want to keep it light and inexpensive, I didn't do any real shopping.  We ate some junk fast food together and had a good conversation for a lot of the day.  This continued as we went to the ice rink in the mall and ate frozen yoghurt and watched figure skaters fall. [The figure skaters were all amateur kids practicing.  Wakana refused to take my bets on which kid would fall next]

That night Wakana made me some really delicious soba noodles with some deep fried veggie crisps.  I ate a lot of that as she introduced me to Full Metal Alchemist [Brotherhood].  We did a marathon viewing that night and went to bed. [I got hooked, but I haven't gotten around to watching it since I got back]
Candy that tells your fortune. After you suck it a bit, it changes color to tell you your luck.

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