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The long trek... continues.

Sudbury 5h's in

Rocks and trees built into the town

Ate at McDonalds... mmm.

Changed out of my tight jeans into PJ pants [SUCH a good idea]

bought some fruit from a sketchy farmers market, but the old couple were nice

Drive-by shooting of the Farmers Market

[Most of the other passengers were at the greyhound station, I went for a walk since there was a 2 hour break.  I felt really gross getting fast food all the time.  I went to the farmers market, which was just a big stand in the middle of nowhere.  The season was closing for them because it was getting cold, and a lot of the fruit was going bad.  I did buy a few decent pieces of fruit and the old gentleman threw in a peach for me.  It was kind of sad, they were pretty thrilled that someone bothered to come buy 2 bucks worth of fruit.]

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