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The long trek... The beginning

Sept 4th Saturday

Saw him on the way to the greyhound.  Bahahaha!
I was supposed to go to Niagra Falls, but due to weather and time, I chose not to.  Instead some nice breakfast with Charles then onto Winnipeg.  When I finally got around to buying the discovery pass [my cross canada bus pass], I realized I lost my credit card.  I dropped by BMO to pay off my purchases and pause my card.  I have 5 days to find it before it's cancelled.  On the plus note, Charles gave me a AC/USB adapter so I can wall charge my itouch

[You have received ADAPTER]
Item has been added to your inventory!

Long boring ride ahead...
Total trip time.  ETA 1 Day 7 Hours!!!

[We stopped at a station to get food, and everyone jetted to tim hortons.  The guy said 10 minutes, so I figured I had time to go to Lick's for a burger.  I cut it really close, and made sure to not ever do that again.  I ended up getting fries or a hotdog instead, just to make it really quick]

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