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The long trek... continues to continue.

Sudbury Sept 4th (still)

People are avoiding me like... well... a chinese guy on a greyhound to Manitoba.  Bus is full, but there's a nice enough dude beside me. Plus he's getting off in an hour.
[The ride was a bit cramped, and it was super dark.  There wasn't much to do other than try to sleep uncomfortably]
[Shortly after this, he left and another guy came on beside me.  The bus driver made a stop and said to be back on in 10 minutes.  The guy was no where to be found after the 10 minute break, and we left without him.  This actually happened a 2-3 times during this ride to Winnipeg.  I wonder what happened to them, because the bus driver takes their tickets.  So they're stuck at a small highway bus stop convenience store and lost the money on their ticket]

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