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Columbia Icefields - Part 3 the fields



Anyways, on the way to the ice terrain vehicles was a kindly witty old fellow.  The ice explorers themselves were cool.  The things were alot like a bus with huge tractor tires.  They brought us to the ice glacier and the pile of indonesians on a group tour came pouring out [The bus was probably half full of the tour group].  The glacier itself was nice and sunny, but there was a chill wind that came from the main ice plateau.  It was cold like a sunny day in the middle of winter in Ottawa. [I was only wearing my spring jacket, so it was still pretty cold]

  The ice water trickled down so I made sure to drink some.  It was really brisk and refreshing, just like when I was a kid [I had been here before, but I was really young].  When I went back, the indonesian group got control of the mic, It was neat how accomodating the bus driver was.  Also, on the way to the chalet/centre, the old witty man shared some of his lame puns. so good. [I haven't retained many of these jokes unfortunately]

  I had visited that gift shop when I was a kid with my best friends' family.  We both bought stones to represent our friendship.  I still have mine, but he lost his.  When I went to that same store, they didn't sell the same stones, only carved or small versions [They also had some of the stones with googly eyes on them... how tacky...].  I did find a stone dispenser that randomly gave you one.  I saw some in town, but for sentiment sake, I bought a few there.  I wonder if my old old friend of years lost even remembers that rock.

  Our way back to town was quiet again.  The guide stopped at a resort gift shop and some other waterfall, but thats about it [Where I stopped to finish my breakfast, which was still surprisingly good].  Apparently he was behind schedule from the previous stops and was gunning it to town.  He dropped us off and apparently had to bus another load of people which he was late to pick up.  They scheduled his pick up at the same time as our drop-off. [Sort of a shame, since I was hoping to get some pictures with less clouds]

  With a good 7 hours to kill, I called Nita and went to a net cafe.  Out of change, I went to the restaurant 'Papa Georges' where I started this entry.  I was told the soup of the day was turnip and cinnamon. weird.

  I ordered the wild game burger with wedges cooked in duck fat and a beer.  The free bread was olive loaf, which I though were raisins until I got 3 bites in.  The waitress much like most of the workers in Jasper was aussie.  When I asked, she explained that the work permits were easy for commonwealth countries.  She had a cute aussie charm that most of the aussie girls here had.  I can see why everyone loves aussies so much.

  I went to kill more time watching 'The American' with Clooney.  It was a little slow and artsy, but the movie left me a bit lonely and I thought about home and Nita.

Afterwards I walked around town a bit and decided to come back to the hotel to write this.
Bus leaves for Vancouver at 1am and it's 11:45pm. Almost.

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