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To Vancouver!

September 15th Wednesday

  It's 5:45am local here in Kamloops.  The bus is refueling.  When it picked me up in Jasper there was a big group of fob asian girls.  I'm not sure if they got off the buss, or were seeing this dude off.  Either way it involved a lot of waving and cutesy posing.  Everyone on that side of the bus just stared at them. [It was really odd, because it wasn't like a pose and wave as the bus pulled away... they were there for like 10 mins]

  Halfway here, we stopped at Blue River.  The convenient store was being invaded by moths.  They were everywhere.  The driver made a call saying anyone who wants off should go so he could seal the door from the moths.  While I was in the store, someone opened the door and the driver seemed a little pissed.  He got over it fast though, what an easy-going guy. [It was pretty gross... you can't see too well with the dark picture, but there were insane amounts of moths]


So now I'm sitting here for an hour.  I played some 1945 III but died really fast.  There's a funky picture on the wall of a gorilla by Martin Tuba.  It's pretty neat.

[You can check out his work by doing a quick google search: http://www.tru.ca/arts/TRU_Rebel_Writers_Camp/RebelwcWorkshops/RebelWC_Martin_Tuba.html]


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