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Columbia Icefields Part 2 - The falls

September 14th cont'd

  I am writing from the same restaurant.  After my breakfast this morning, I headed out to the tour.  I met with the guy early on and we left to pick up another 4 people from their hotel.  The 4 were made up of 2 older couples who were from England [Really nice people, but not super talkative].  The guide was really nice and talked a bit about the forests.

Not even 10 mins in, we saw 2 does and a buck.  The elk are beginning mating season so the males were much more aggressive, as we were told.  The two females crossed the road and the male elk followed behind. [Bow chika wow-wow]

  We continued on and the view was amazing.  Yesterday the view was cloudy so I couldn't see as well.  Along the road, however, there were lots of mountains and tree-filled valleys.  On top of that, the clouds cleared up as we drove out and it was a beautiful day.  The road we took was set up as a scenic road, meaning no transport trucks could drive on it.  There were also a bunch of scenic viewpoint stops along the way.  It was quite amazing how vast and beautiful the rockies are.  Everywhere you looked was a picturesque view of the sprawling trees or snow-capped mountains [I didn't take as many pictures as I should have on the road, but the shots that I got when we got out turned out pretty good].  We stopped at Athabaska Falls and toured around it.  We also stopped at one point at a viewing lot.  Most of the trip was silent but we would occasionally ask a question or talk amongst ourselves.  The group from England are going to Ottawa coincidentally.  They started in Vancouver and are going to see family. [I took tons of pictures, but won't put very many up.  Ask for more if you want to see them]  When we got to the icefields, it was asian-central.  There were tons of asian tourists crowding the centre.  We went onto a bus to bring us to the ice explorers.  On the way was --

Oops.  Food is here

[Had to take a bit of a pause to eat]

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