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Columbia icefields Part 1 - Breakfast!

September 14th Tuesday

Journal 2!

  I don't know why but I kept waking up last night.  I didn't have trouble sleeping again, I just thought it was weird that I slept better at the hostel. [The hotel was interesting in that it had a sink and mirror in the room, but I needed to go down the hall to use the shared bathroom/shower.  It was all good though, as the hotel was a good 40-100 bucks cheaper than other places]

I guess the crazy amounts of walking this trip has been paying off because my legs aren't terribly sore today.  I took the hotel conditioner because it was pantene pro-v, so I can carry that smell with me by shaking my evergrowing hair.

  I checked out and stored my stuff before heading to the post office.  I sent my letters and my first journal out express because it was only a dollar something difference.  Also, Nita will be seeing everyone this weekend at Jacob and Claire's new place.

After getting my icefields ticket, I headed to a restaurant called 'Papa Georges'.  The menu outside said there was a wild game burger with elk, bison, and venison.  I wanted to try it but they serve breakfast until 11:30 [my tour leaves at 12].  I may come back for it.  Instead I got a 'carnivore skillet'.  I expected a small denny's skillet, but a massive fajita skillet came out.  The monster breakfast has tons of sausage, homefries, peppers, mushrooms, and is topped with 2 large eggs and salsa/sour cream.  I finished half and packed the rest for lunch.  I also got chamomile tea so my stomach won't be all over the place for the tour. [Despite its size, it was quite delicious and heavy]

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