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Vancouver Day 3 - Stanley Park

Sept 17 Friday

  I met an interesting guy named Marcus at breakfast this morning.  He's from Germany and has been here since the olympics.  Apparently he worked 18 days straight for 10 hours a day.  He said it funded him for a couple months... just cleaning after tourists.  I also gave a call to Nita this morning and will have to settle an amazon bill with her [The Walking Dead Compendium, which has recently been turned into a hit show].  My card was cancelled and amazon can't charge me.  I don't want to put my credit card # in these computers so I'll ask Nita to do it over the phone.


Sept 18th Saturday

  Yesterday was a pretty full day, although less so than Thursday.  I left towards Stanley Park in the morning.  When I was about a block away, I saw some bike rental places [Anton, the kiwi, told me he opted against the bike, and he was exhausted by the end of the day.  I learned from his experience and decided to go with it].  It was a nice day so I figured I'd rent a bike.  The guy said it'd take about an hour to go around Stanley Park along the 'sea wall', which is a huge path along the shore.  I rented a one speed, with back pedal brakes.  It had been years and years since I've ridden, since I rollerblade nowadays.

  I took a leisure pace and would snap pictures as I was going, or stop if the picture required some more focus.  I rode for about 15 mins before I realized I was going the wrong way, into Stanley Park [The trail I was supposed to take just circled the whole park, but I didn't know this until I got onto the path].

  I back-tracked and found the proper path around.  The sea view was nice and I could smell the salt air.  About 20 mins along the path I saw some totem poles.  I parked the bike, snapped some pics and was off again.

  On the path were lots of joggers and other cyclists.  There was a seperate lane for pedestrians and cycle paths were very well marked.  I caught views of N[orth] Vancouver and Grouse Mountain on the way.  The estimate of an hour was probably based off of a no-stop idea.  I took about an hour and a half with the getting lost and totem poles. [It was a bit of a low tide at some points, so there'd be a bad sea smell in a section or two of the trail, but it was rare and there was a nice light breeze]

  I was having fun on the bike and didn't want to walk across town to Granville Island, so I held onto the bike.  An employee told me I could get a half-day (6 hours) for the same price as the 3 hours anyways.

[Up next: I bike into the city!]

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