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Vancouver Day 2 - Capilano / Machete

  The bridge was sturdy but moved a lot when people were on it.  I knew it wouldn't break, but it swayed.  By the end my nerves were shot.  I was in fear-stress from the chairlift and suspension bridge and was mentally exhausted [Truly, I was completely burnt out by the end of this.  Between the lack of food, constant fear mode and the long hike... I was very much spent].  The park itself had a tree-to-tree bridge system like in Robin Hood (more heights) and a bunch of nature-y things [I walked the whole tree bridge system, but I did it really quick].  It would have been fun, but I had just come from Jasper and Grouse mountain and had enough of nature.  In the end I faced my fears twice that day and I headed back before my transfer from Grouse Mountain expired.

That little house is the cable car chalet

  I got back, showered and dressed in time for 7pm.  My breakfast was at 8:30am, and since then I had an apple and a few granola bars. [Fuji apple!]

  I went to Tsunami-sushi on recommendation from the Slovenia guy.  the sushi was very, very good.  It was a rotating sushi place, where you grab the sushi you want.  They add up your plates and charge you based on what price each colour plate represented.  I had eaten at a place like this in Japan.  I made sure to eat the hand pressed sushi and tried the different fish filets. [I could have, and probably should have had a bit more, but it was still a good meal of protein and rice, so I was satisfied]

  When I got back I saw a new roomate who was also french.  He was from Montreal and looking for a place to teach french for a few months.  He's quiet, but seems like a nice guy.  We went out to see Machete, which was a ridiculous movie, entertaining though.

  I had forgot to mention the Kiwi roomate, who has been travelling the world since May! [He did a bunch of Europe and Asia by this time]  Too intense.  I told him about Japadog and he said it was great [He tried it that day].  I'll have to try it tomorrow.  It's 1:30am now, so I should sleep.

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