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Paris, the first full day

(OH NO!  this one didn't get published, going to publish it now...)

*Yawn*.  So we woke up and headed to the executive lounge for a breakfast of fluffy steamed scrambled eggs?  A few tiny breakfast sausages and a croissant.  We met with Souli and headed out.  The day was meant as a quick flash of the main sights.  We zoomed to the Eiffel Tower and snapped some pictures from the square-tree'd park.

We left and metro'd to the Arc de Triumph.  We stopped for a quick Quick Burger burger.  My Euro-fast food had a delicious horse radish cream sauce, mmm...

We snapped pics and walked towards the Louvre.  Nita picked up some warm clothes for the rest of the trip and we ate some eclairs and choco-croissants.  We metro'd the rest of the way to the closed Louvre and soaked in the sunny day at the glass pyramid.  We stopped for a quick beer for me, guising a bathroom trip.

We then hit a squared tree garden that was absolutely beautiful and tucked away.  We hunted down my vinyl toy store and I ached over my decision for toys.  Opting out of lugging a big box across Europe, I bought a blind box from the local store and a cool monk toy.

We metro'd back to the hotel, half-asleep, to get rest before dinner.  Nita and I slept until... now which is about 7:30pm, a half hour after getting ready.  Dinner time! then Moulin Rouge!  Voulez-vous couchez avec moi?

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