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Looking back!

Alright everyone, so I want to first-apologize for missing all my posts.  I fell behind near the end, and there was a bit of a gap between posts.

I just finished catching up (as you can tell), and am surprised how pessimistic I was at the end.  I do remember feeling quite burnt out after coughing throughout the whole trip.  Thinking back though, Rome was probably only that bad because it was the end of our long trip.  I still don't think we'll go back, but as I said early, when it was good, it was great.  Maybe Venice if I go back to Italy.

As suspected all along, the rough times make for the best stories and I'm very happy that we went.  In total we hit up 6 countries in 2 weeks, and I am very grateful that we are able to things like travel and see the world.  We sacrificed and worked hard to afford the trip, but in truth, we lead blessed lives in being able to do things like this trip.  I hope you enjoyed reading through the journal and seeing some pictures.  This blog will help be a testament to this exciting part of our lives, and remind us that we lived it fully.

Upcoming is the next chapter of my life.  Nita is pregnant.  She had been during the trip.  We had to take it very easy and not push ourselves too hard, but in the end it all worked out.  This trip represented our last final journey as a couple, and a perfect way to accent our new journey as a family.

Thanks everyone!

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