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Hectic hectic!

The actual fountain

Later that day we walked up to the spanish steps area and stopped at a recommended restaurant called Otello's.  I ordered the very creamy and delicious carbonara and Nita ordered the Otello pasta of fresh tomatoes, basil and parmagian.  Both dishes were incredible but Wakana's dish took top spot with her ultra-tender veal with potatoes.  I was in the mood for pasta so my dish suited me just fine.

We ended the meal with a smooth and moist tiramisu and an espresso for Wakana and me.  The party decided to split so Wakana and Hauke went off to the Coliseum while Nita and I shopped and took in the downtown area.  While waling we came across an asian man on the street cutting up large grass or fern blades.  We saw what he was crafting and were amazed.  Intricately detailed and folded animals hung in front of him and were a product of obvious and extensive experience.  Nita was taken back by his quickness and noble presence so we purchased a crane that he folded.

We headed back after a few hours and met with Wakana and Hauke.  I fully expected them to be in heat stroke but they were doing alright.  A quick rest and we were off to do my favourite thing while travelling... eat again.

Spaghetti and meatballs.. really?
This time we headed to a fancier place, but it was too fancy for our not-so-fancy-shorts.  We set out to gauge a decent non-tourist restaurant and found a great place nearby.  I ate the linguini with a rose sauce and a bruschetta made of zucchini and olive instead of tomato.  Nita hit her spaghetti with meatballs craving, pizza for Hauke and risotto for Wakana.  We ate the wonderful meal and headed back to pack for probably the most hectic day of the trip.

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