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Nita and Cedrick's European Vacation!

Hello everyone!

So, after 2 months I decided I'd finally start posting the blog.  To be honest, I was typing up the journal posts here and there, so I shouldn't have a problem keeping up to schedule.  That being said, I will be posting this as I did with my Cross-Canada trip.  As of July 31st, the postings will be following along with my trip as I wrote it on May 31st.  Everything in regular text will be what I written (maybe loosely revised for spelling) and everything in italics will be a bit of post-trip commentary.  I will try to get some videos and pictures for posts, and you can click the pictures for the full size.

So, that's it! I hope you all follow me along this trip day by day so that it will be less boring than them all coming at you at once.

Various paper souvenirs collected during the trip.

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