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Departure! Part 2!

It's 7:20pm EST.  Flying over the atlantic by the "Charles-Gibbs FRACTURE ZONE!"

Don't know what that is, but it sounds cool.  (still too lazy to look it up)

We boarded the plane, it's a huge 2-level thing with the middle rows.  When we hopped on the attendant pointed far.  I took this as her telling me we were at the window.  I found our row and parked away the stuff.  We sat for about 10 mins when this woman (young lady with some friends, to give you a better mental picture) said "Oh, sorry, I think that's my seat."

"I'm sorry? oh I tho--"

I was cut off.  The guy behind me butted in.

"What seat do you have?"

"Uh... 45F..."

I noticed we were meant to be in the middle rows.  I of course apologize, Nita and I  start grabbing our things.

"Yeah, you don't want to be in the middle" he says loudly

"Oh, it's uh no big deal..." she says this and is obviously taken aback, probably trying to not make us feel bad.

"Oh, yes it is, you don't want to sit there, not on an int'l flight" (<-- jerk.)

... REALLY!?!?

So while Nita and I move, obviously apologetic for our honest mistake, this ass-hat springs up like he's inputting anything other than his douchery?

We move and let the lovely young lady sit.  The whole time I'm stink-eyeing captain justice.  We're halfway there, but I hope there is still time for him to go to the washroom and by some freak accident get his balls torn off from the high pressure toilet.  I then sincerely wish he stumbles out, ball-less, to fall in the aisle by me and proceed to bleed to death.

We had shepherds pie and I had a heini, then watched Jack Reacher.  I hope I get some sleep.

Pretty good actually.

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