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Vancouver Day 4

I woke up and cleaned out my groceries but left my uncookable eggs [I have no idea what they'll do with them, probably throw them out].  I went to the coffee place the Slovenia guy suggested but I think he had it wrong.  The coffee was okay, and it was busy like a breakfast place instead of a coffee shop.  They were busy so I felt like I was in the way just having coffee and writing in this journal.  I went back to the indian place and had lunch.  Lamb in ginger curry.  [Decent meal, I'm glad I went with the ginger for a neat twist on it]
  I came back, showered, grabbed my stuff and checked out.  Now that I'm done writing I'll wander the town for a few hours till my greyhound. 

September 18th (contd)

  I walked up to Gas town and had a look around.  I checked out the steam powered clock, but didn't stay long.  Souvenir shops aren't interesting at this point.

  I spun around and figured I'd head to chinatown.  When I found it, I realized I'd have my fill of chinatown in Calgary.  I skimmed through pretty quick as (like all chinatowns), it was composed mainly of gift shops and restaurants/bakeries.  It was big, but nothing terribly interesting.

  Looking back, I'm sure my mood didn't really make my stops all that exciting, but I'm sure that even if I did them first, they wouldn't have been my trip highlights.

  I got back to the hostel with about an hour and a half to spare.  I headed to the arcade to kill some time.

Random chicken doing stand up

  I wanted to eat before I left for the 13 hour bus, so I walked over to Japadog.  I ordered the 3 cheese spicy terimayo dog.  The hotdog had 3 cheeses in the dog, and it was topped with caramalized onions, teriyaki sauce and japanese mayo, garnished with some shredded seaweed.  I also ordered a ramune ball-bottle drink, lychee.  I ended up showing some nice middle aged women how to open/drink it.

  My hot dog was again amazing and expensive...  The yakisoba dog sign wasn't there any more.  The yakisoba dog was higher quality, but I still really liked the cheesy spicy dog.  It's a good thing I don't live here, I'd eat expensive gourmet hot dogs all the time.

  By the time I trained over to the terminal I had missed my 6pm (or would have if I didn't change into my comfy pants), and did my photobooth.  I wasn't stressed about it though because I had a backup at 6:45 that would transfer onto the one I missed.  So now I am on my way to Kamloops to switch to the bus heading to Banff.  This bus left a bit late so I hope it doesn't miss the other one.  I didn't charge my camera battery, so I hope I can do that in Banff for an hour or so before heading into the city.

[I saw a bunch of ferrari's like this when I was heading to Canada place.  It was kind of random, but there was a bit of a car show in the middle of a street that was cut off.  I took pics for Kit]

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